Sheds by Taylor Structures FAQ's

Do you move sheds?

Yes. Please call us for a quote as everyone's moving needs are different. 

Do you need a gravel pad?

In most cases it is not required. Taylor Structures will block and level your shed. This service is included in the price. However, it depends on the size of the shed and the pitch of the land you wish to have the shed placed. 

Can you build on site?

Yes. Taylor Structures can build on site

Can you personalize a shed to meet our needs?

Yes. You can personalize your sheds with different layouts and options that are available.

If there is nothing on the shed lot in our colors can one be made?

Yes. We have a variety of different siding colors, shingle colors, trim colors, and shutter colors to try and match the color combination you are looking for.

Do you need to get the truck and trailer in the yard where we want the shed?

In most cases, no. Taylor Structures has a small walk behind machine that can maneuver the shed into the yard. 

After getting the shed to where we want it in the yard can you fine tune it?

Yes. After we get the shed in the yard we can put it on pipes and rollers and push it around until reaching the desired angle.

What sizes of sheds can you make?

The sizes that we can do range from 6x6 up to a 12x32 shed. These sizes can be transferred down the road on our trailer. But, if you need bigger or just have no access to get a shed in your yard we can build a shed right on your property to meet the size you are looking for.

What is included with the shed?

All of the sheds come standard with a single set of double swing-out doors, two windows and shutters, 30 year architectural shingles, and gable end vents. Once ordering a shed, though, you can at that point add doors, windows, and whatever other options you would like.

How long does it take to set the shed up?

Typically it takes an average of an hour and a half to set the shed up if brought in whole. A build on site usually takes all day depending on the size.

What are some different options I can order with my shed?

There are lots of different options but some of the most popular ones you can add to your shed include the following: extra doors, windows, ridge vent, ramps, flower boxes, pressure treated floor, storage lofts and 8 on center floor. 

Can the shed be heated?

Yes. But there are some options you should strongly consider upgrading on the shed to help properly heat it. These things would include an insulated bubble wrap floor, double hung house windows, and a set of house doors.

Do you do any site preparation?

No. The homeowner is responsible for access from the road to wherever they would like the shed. This would mean any trees that need to be removed or any site preparation that is required to be done.

What type of permits do I need?

The homeowner would have to check with their bureau or municipality to see if there are any permits they need to have a shed. Taylor Structures has all the hauling permits. The hauling permits are included in the price. 

What is included with the price of the shed?

The price of the shed would include delivery and set up of the shed, block and leveling, and all the hauling permits. Taylor Structures will block and level your shed, however, it depends on the size of the shed and the pitch of the land you wish to have the shed placed. 

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is included in the price. However, if the shed is going a great distance there might be an additional fee.

Do I need to bring any money when purchasing a shed and is there any financing available?

Taylor Structures does not require any down payment. We will build your shed with no money down. However, we do require payment in full on the day of delivery unless otherwise agreed upon and there is no financing available.

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